Missing products:

When an order is imported from your ecommerce platform to ApiDrop, it checks that the ordered products are also present inside your "My Store" sync list.

That's the way ApiDrop can avoid to process orders with products coming from other suppliers or no more available and keep your orders environment clean.

The standard error syntax is "[xxxx] - [yyyy] - Missing order items" where xxxx and yyyy are the order's products sku no more available inside your My Store products list.

What you can do when this error is displayed?

If your order contains products you canceled by mistake from your My Store list, just add them again and sync them with your ecommerce platform, then try re-import that order again by clicking on Retry Import. The error should not be present anymore.

Order partially placed or placed with error:

After your order has been placed, status should update in accordance with your supplier's order status.

Sometimes, during order placement, the communication between ApiDrop and supplier can be interrupted for several reasons. The result is that your supplier probably has registered your order but ApiDrop didn't get any order confirmation number or receipt.

To fix this problem we introduced the Force Order Import button that retrieves order's info from the supplier (if the order has been correctly placed) and matches them with ApiDrop to reconcile the two orders.