To perfectly copy your supplier's product information into your e-commerce store, ApiDrop must know how to assign original brands, attributes and categories to those present on your store.
In this way, your catalog will be exactly like your supplier one.

Inside your platform section

you will be able to match supplier's brands, attributes and categories with yours, simply selecting the second ones from the right column of each section.

In the example above I will ask ApiDrop to insert Home | Garden products inside my Garden and Terrace category and to create or skip all others sub-categories.

Note: Only sub-categories can be auto-created by ApiDrop. Macro must already be present on your e-commerce store.

ApiDrop assigns a product to a single category, to avoid duplicated content. So even if your supplier has a product assigned to multiple categories, we only take into consideration the first one.

Attributes and Brands matching works the same way but you can speed up your matching process by selecting the Auto-Create option available in the Brands tab (we will extend this feature to all tabs soon).

Once all Brands, Attributes and Categories are matched and errors solved (you can monitor the remaining errors from the Sync Statistics table in the same page)

you will be able to start your products sync by clicking on Sync All Pending button in My Store section . One after another all products will be created on your e-commerce store, passing from Pending status to Processing to Done, and you will be ready to accept your first order.