BigBuy offers a great variety of couriers that you can use to deliver orders to your customers.

The only problem is that BigBuy does not deliver a single, well organized CSV/Excel file but multiple, complex, shipping rates files.

The result is that you usually use only some of them as shipping options inside your e-commerce store and when a new order comes in, ApiDrop shows the whole list of shipping options and this can be confusing because its not guarantee that it will contains the courier you choose to ship a particular order.

So let's take a deep dive into how ApiDrop calculates shipping rates of BigBuy orders.

Once a new order comes inside ApiDrop, we call a specific BigBuy API that calculates all shipping options using order's information like destination address, quantity, product weight etc..

It could happen that the courier you choose for that particular order is not available among this list or the shipping rate is different from the one you were expecting.

This is something we cannot solve because we do not manipulate that list, it comes directly from BigBuy.

It could also happen that a cheaper delivery fare is offered for that order so you will be able to have a higher markup.