ApiDrop automatically imports your orders when you access My Orders page but sometimes it could happen that you don't see all your orders imported. Let's see the most common causes.

1 - Missing Order Item: The order you are trying to import doesn't have at least one product matching your imported products list. This is usually reported as "Missing Order Items" error and you can see how to solve it in this guide.

2 - Wrong Status: The order is in "Archived" or "Canceled" status (there could be many other statuses that triggers a skipping action, it depends by your ecommerce platform). Be sure that the order is an active status like "Processing" or "Paid" or "Waiting Payment" etc...

3 - Too Old: Order import process is progressive. It means that we do not elaborate your entire orders list. Once an order has been skip, the only way to import it again is to use the manual order import process.

Errors List:

Unrecognized Product's ID: This error is shown when ApiDrop can't recognized the product's ID of at least one item in the order. It can be caused by a product that does not belong to ApiDrop or by a plugin that changed the ApiDrop product's ID.