Banngood sync method is based on API so their data are stable and precise.

Due to the high number of variables and warehouse, and because their API calls are limited, can happen that for a certain amount of time (hours) some products could result out of stock or available only in certain warehouses.

So here is a method that you can use to check if Banggood data on ApiDrop are correct.


By default Banggood will show you the warehouses that have that product available, based on your shipping country.

if you need to see another warehouse, for instance CZ, is important that you change the shipping country to Czech Republic

and if available, the nearest warehouse will appear among the ones you can ship from, in the product's page


Banggood website shows different prices if you are logged in and if you have special discounts.

Those lower prices can't be obtained by ApiDrop, that will continue showing the original prices, but this is not a big problem because Banggood will apply the discounted price at the checkout.

Logged Out Price

Logged In Price