We are delighted to launch ApiDrop version 1.2.6.

This is a release we are really excited about, as it focuses on several top features we've wanted to introduce for some time and have been quietly developing in the background.

•Shipping Cost Calculation: This is probably the most requested feature since we started. Now you are able to auto-calculate and add the shipping cost inside the final price. Read more >

•Advanced Repricing Rules: In addition to the simple repricing rule, generally available since the version 1.2.5 we are introducing the Advanced Repricing Rules. Read More >

•Price Calculation Formula Tooltip: You can now see directly on ApiDrop the product's final price formula and values. Read more >

•Leaf Category Sync: Since the beginning, one of the most requested features was being able to sync products and their leaf categories. Now you can do it.

•Links Sanitization: Supplier's website links in product description will be automatically deleted.

•Currency Rates: A currency conversion rates table has been placed near the currency selection dropdown, in the catalog.

•Alerts Acknowledgment: When the alerts list page is open, old alerts are now automatically acknowledged so will not be shown anymore.

•My Store - Price Currency: The product's price in "My Store" section is now converted into your currency.

•My Store - New Category Filter: You can now filter your products by category.

•WooCommerce Order Status: When an order status is Shipped in ApiDrop is now reported as Complete in WooCommerce.