To manually import your orders, using a CSV file, first download our orders file template from here 

Our CSV template file has several columns that must not be altered, otherwise import will stop processing.

Columns are:

your_order_number : Indicates your internal order number. Is not parsed by our system and its just for your own reference. 

date : Order's date. Must be reported in YYYY-MM-DD format.

email : Order customer's email

name : Order customer's name

surname : Order customer's surname

street : Order customer's shipping street address. 

company_name : Order customer's company. Necessary if you are shipping products to a business address.

city : Order customer's shipping address city.

zipcode : Order customer's shipping zip code.

state : Order customer's shipping state.

country : Order customer's shipping country.

phone : Order customer's phone number. No special characters allowed. 

notes : Order's notes. 

item_sku : Order's product sku.

item_ean : Order's product ean code.

item_qty : Order's product quantity.

item_price : Order's product selling price.

Each import overwrite the previous one, based on "your_order_number". 


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