To start connecting you Shopify ecommerce platform with ApiDrop, the first step is to generate an API key and password.

1) Login into your Shopify admin panel.  

2) Click on "Manage private apps" link

and click on the "Enable private app" button

checking all checkbox and then clicking on "Enable private app development"

3) Click on "Create new private app" button

4) Insert "ApiDrop" in the private app name field and in the emergency developer email field below.

and click on "Show inactive Admin API permissions" link

5) Set the right app permissions.

  • Product information: Read and Write

  • Analytics: Read Access

  • Assigned fulfillment orders: Read and Write

  • Customers: Read and Write

  • Discounts: Read and Write

  • Draft orders: Read and Write

  • Fulfillment services: Read and Write

  • GDPR data requests: No access

  • Gift cards: No access

  • Inventory: Read and Write

  • Kit Skills: No access

  • Legal policies: No access

  • Locations: No access

  • Marketing events: No access

  • Merchant-managed fulfillment orders: Read and Write

  • Online Store pages: No access

  • Order editing: Read and Write

  • Orders: Read and Write

  • Price rules: No access

  • Product listings: Read and Write

  • Reports: No access

  • Resource feedback: No access

  • Script tags: No access

  • Shipping: Read and Write

  • Shop locale: Read Access

  • Shopify Payments accounts: No access

  • Shopify Payments bank accounts: No access

  • Shopify Payments disputes: No access

  • Shopify Payments payouts: No access

  • Store content: No access

  • Themes: No access

  • Third-party fulfillment orders: Read and Write

  • Translations: No access

6) Save

Now you have obtained the API key and password of your Shopify store.

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