To start connecting you Shopify ecommerce platform with ApiDrop, the first step is to generate an API key and password.

1) Login into your Shopify admin panel.  

2) Click on "Manage private apps" link

3) Click on "Create new private app" button

4) Insert "ApiDrop" in the private app name field and in the emergency developer email field below.

5) Set the right app permissions.

  • Customer details and customer groups: Read Access
  • Orders, transactions and fulfillments: Read Access
  • Products, variants and collections: Read and Write
  • Product information: Read and Write
  • Orders: Read and Write
  • Order editing: Read and Write
  • Merchant managed fulfillment orders: Read and Write
  • Inventory: Read and Write
  • Fulfillment services: Read and Write

6) Save

Now you have obtained the API key and password of your Shopify store.

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