When during the onboarding process you enter your ecommerce store URL, could happen that our system cannot validate it.
There reasons can be numerous, here the most commons and how to fix them. 

1- Your store is not online
It could be obvious but the most common reason why we cannot contact your store is because is actually not online or is not visible. It could happen because is behind a firewall or because the access is password protected but the most simple way to check if your website is online and reachable is to use an online tool like this https://tools.pingdom.com

2- Your website is online but it answer with a 503 page or similar
Even if you see your website online doesn't mean our system can do too. To check this you can use again a free online tool https://tools.pingdom.com being sure that the response code is 200.

3 - BigCommerce store 503 response
If you have a BigCommerce store and you installed it recently, probably your store is still in development and answer with a 503 code.
To put it live, go in Store Setup > Store Settings and move the toggle to Open

4 - Storeden 503 response
Similar to BigCommerce, also Storeden answer with a 503 code until your store is online but in this case you must activate a paid profile and publish your shop.

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