One of the biggest tasks in e-commerce is the product repricing.
Change your prices manually isn't the right way to spend your time when you are an e-commerce startup with many things to do.

That's why we created the ApiDrop Repricer, a simple but powerful tool that will permit you to assign a markup to your product's cost and obtain a final product price, markup included. Easy right? 

Inside the Advanced section you will find the Repricing option for each supplier you have activated so you can define a specific markup rule, supplier based.

Just insert the markup percentage inside the empty field and during the next import, all products will be created accordingly with your repricing rule.

If you need to reprice already imported products, just change the SYNC option to "Sync Full Product" and during the next import, your entire catalog will be repriced accordingly.

This feature is available only for Pro and Business profiles.


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